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ETHDenver: BuffiDAO is the first in-event vive video game App by a DAO


From start to finish, ETHDenver BUIDLathon & Community Gathering attendees will have the opportunity to interact with Web3 tech in a number of unprecedented ways in what is the world’s first in-event live video game application powered by a DAO. 

As you may have seen in the 2020 announcement, ETHDenver is taking steps to evolve into a DAO at its upcoming BUIDLathon February 14-16 thanks to a massive collaboration with Austin Griffith, Polina Aladina, Fortmatic, MakerDAO, DAOStack, Colony, Bounties Network, Gitcoin, Burner Factory, 3Box, Pepo, POAP, Devfolio, OpenSea, Quantstamp and ConsenSys. 

Says ETHDenver Executive Steward John Paller, “In 2019, our tech integrations were great but they didn’t have much of a functional purpose. This year, we’re changing that by vertically integrating the entire technological experience so that it becomes more fluid and gives people a bonafide, and valuable, reason to engage with the event more deeply. We feel that including Web3 identity, incentives, gamification, reputation and governance are critical components to integrate into the overall experience. Since ETHDenver is not a conference, but a community gathering, engagement and creating an ‘ownership mentality’ is the real objective of our 2020 Web3 integrations. We are confident that our attendees and stakeholders will enjoy their experience of the BuffiDAO; the world’s first in-event live video game powered by a DAO.”

Curious how the BuffiDAO will work? Attendees will have the ability to engage with the entire ETHDenver Web3 ecosystem from the moment they check in, thanks to Fortmatic’s identity integration within the BuffiDAO. Each person’s ID will be authenticated, and their public key will be printed as a QR code on the front of their badge. By scanning their unique QR code, attendees will then access their own burner wallet (an ETHDenver 2019 tech pilot). From there, they will be encouraged to start exploring the event venue, earning experience points (XP) as they complete missions like visiting venue spaces, interacting with sponsors, finding Easter Eggs, Flash Events and so much more. But points aren’t the only reward attendees earn in the BuffiDAO: the real reward is DAO reputation. 

The more attendees interact with the BuffiDAO, the more an attendee’s time, attention and resources allow them to build their BuffiDAO reputation as a stakeholder. As XP is earned for event participation, BuffiDAO “game leaders” will emerge, gaining access to newer and higher levels. ETHDenver will reward the Top 10 Bufficorns in the BuffiDAO each day with a rare yellow PegaBufficorn bike jersey to sport at the BUIDLathon and every point they earn will get them BuffiDAO reputation. The more they accumulate, the more they’ll be able to use their XP power as voting influence on final project submissions and help decide who will receive prizes for the ETHDenver 2020 BUIDLathon. XP points will also exist in every attendee’s wallet as tokens, along with BuffiDAI, that attendees can use to qualify for rare swag and other ETHDenver items within the ecosystem’s economy. 

Along with the BuffiDAO, ETHDenver has already announced content from their industry luminaries and thought leaders on topics like ETH2.0, DeFi, DAOs and Token Engineering, Gaming and Usability, Protocols and Interoperability, and Public Good and Social Impact; interactive art tech installations in the MakerSpace, the chance to hack Denver’s downtown Clock Tower and so much more.

About ETHDenver

ETHDenver is the world’s largest annual web3 #BUIDLathon and Community Gathering. The 2020 event will take place February 14-16 in Denver, Colorado and expects to host 2000+ blockchain enthusiasts, developers and community members from 50 countries and 50 U.S. states. Visit ethdenver.com.

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