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Cardano forms a new partnership with IBM

In his latest video published on YouTube, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano, delivered some important updates on the ADA blockchain, including a new partnership with IBM.

The video was published on January 17th and explains, among many things, the upcoming projects related to the Incentivized Testnet of Cardano and the next events in which the CEO will take part, namely Davos 2020 Conference and the World Economic Forum.

Moreover, in the video, Hoskinson congratulated the Ethereum Classic and Dash team for the progress they are making, including the recent ETC fork and the launch of Evonet for Dash.

As far as the Haskell wallet is concerned he explains that the developers are working hard to get it up and running and for this reason every week they are publishing new updates in the backend.

“We are now on to a wonderful release case. So every week, we are releasing a new version of the Haskell wallet backend called the “Trans Tier Project” – a wallet with a library and development kit for backend infrastructure. We’ve been having great conversations with our exchange partners on how we can make this more fuller and packaged for them.” 

Furthermore, Daedalus seems to be very much ready, even to be integrated into Ledger hardware wallets, without having to use Daedalus directly. Obviously, the hope of Hoskinson, as well as of the whole Cardano community, is that the price of ADA will start to increase following the good news about the development and progress of the blockchain: currently ADA is worth $0.042, with a rise in a month of about 10%.

The partnership with IBM

Regarding the new partnership with IBM, Cardano’s CEO explains that it is a software distribution project that would have been commissioned by the European Union.

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