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TRON, the number of addresses is growing: 4.5 million

The TRON Foundation has released the regular weekly report full of important news for Justin Sun’s blockchain: released in 15 languages, one of the main things it reports is that the number of TRON addresses is increasing and another token burn took place.

The document is divided into several sections:

  • Technical developments;
  • Main information;
  • Updates from the community;
  • Media coverage and partnerships;
  • TRXmarket;
  • Developer community products.

The technical developments section announces the completion of Lite Full Node v 1.0. Shielded transactions are also completed. In the Work in Progress section, it is possible to find out that the development of a decentralized exchange is underway and the documentation is currently being drafted.

The most appreciated section is that of the “Core data” where, besides reporting the data of the TRON blockchain, it turns out that last week more than 39,000 new addresses were created, which bring the number of accounts to 4.48 million. The number of transactions amounts to 864 million, of which 6.52 million were made last week. 

The continuous and growing use of TRON is also evidenced by the number of dApps, which increased by 0.75% in one week: a total of 674 in total. Active users are 146,600 with a total of 2.92 million transactions and a trading volume of $25 million. 

With regard to dApps, according to DappReview, TRON’s blockchain is third in the world based on the number of dApps (663 registered) and 989,300 users. TRON is said to have outperformed EOS in terms of daily transaction volumes, although it remains far behind Ethereum, which leads DappReview’s ranking. In 2019, TRON would have achieved a total transaction volume of $4.4 billion and 420 million transactions. The TRON Foundation is sure of one thing:

“Stay tuned for more surprise from Tron in 2020,” underlining that while 2019 went well, this year will be even better.

Aside from dApps, the use of TRON in 2019 has grown significantly, with the TokenView report revealing that the TRON blockchain ranks second in terms of number of on-chain transactions, 647 million in 2019, and fourth in terms of number of users, 34 million, 

Finally, another interesting fact emerging from the report concerns the 13 million TRX token burn of ERC20 tokens. This is the 12th session of the token burn. In total, 99 billion ERC20 tokens have been burned. These are the tokens minted when TRON operated on the Ethereum blockchain, from which it later separated. 

For more news from the community, fans are invited to mark a date on the calendar: February 29th – March 1st, when the niTROn Summit 2020 will be held in Seoul, South Korea, a global convention where the TRON Foundation plans to gather not only TRON enthusiasts but also the major blockchain industries for interesting discussions. 


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