US elections, Andrew Yang: we should be able to invest in crypto
US elections, Andrew Yang: we should be able to invest in crypto

US elections, Andrew Yang: we should be able to invest in crypto

By Lorenzo Dalvit - 30 Jan 2020

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Andrew M. Yang addressed the theme of crypto yesterday during an interview with Bloomberg. According to the presidential candidate, the United States should be able to invest freely in the technology underlying this rapidly expanding sector.

“We need to have a uniform set of rules and regulations around cryptocurrency”.

The interviewee specifies that a state of insecurity and poor regulation is not conducive to investment. Transparency and clear regulations make it possible not to lose competitiveness in international markets.

“The underlying technologies have a very high potential and we should invest in it.”

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Yang is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and American lawyer. Initially a corporate lawyer, Yang began working in various start-ups and growth companies in the early stages as a founder or executive from 2000 to 2009. In 2011, he founded Venture for America – VFA -, a non-profit organization focused on job creation in cities struggling to recover from the great recession.

Known for being a Bitcoin supporter, he snatched political support from Elon Musk in 2019.

After accepting crypto donations it seems that, for the candidate, this theme is part of an agenda aimed at conquering the political sensibilities of the community supporting this computer revolution. 

In the world of “code is law“, legislation is becoming important, and without it, the growth of this ecosystem would be slowed down and put to the test

Are we facing a change? For the world outside the Bitcoin universe, law is law and code is code. 

Andrew Yang is not the only one who supports the movement, the economic issues related to financial disintermediation are certainly dear to libertarians. 

Which is why John McAfee also ran in 2016 with the Cyber Party he created and is still running today for the 2020 presidential elections with the Libertarian Party, which was also created by him and whose headquarters are located in Cuba.

The US is ready: thanks to the momentum created by Facebook’s Libra project, the congress has planned what has been called the ‘Crypto-Currency Act of 2020‘, a specific bill to regulate the sector. 

2020 is opening up to regulation: how will Europe respond remains an open question.

Lorenzo Dalvit

Blockchain enthusiast tutor, expert in sales and marketing, social community manager, artistic director, musician, lover of disruptive paradigms and life. All my skill are about human interaction and connection

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