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Craig Wright ready to submit 6,000 blockchain patents

Craig Wright plans to apply for at least 6,000 blockchain patents and has already obtained about 200. His goal is to take control of all forks and altcoins.  

According to Micky, the goal of the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto is to stop the spread of scams that exploit the blockchain:

“Basically it came down to if I want to actually … try and stop all the splits, forks and altcoin scams that are popping up pretending to be blockchains, then the only way I could really think to do it was to start patenting”.

At the moment there would be about 800 applications submitted. But in total there could be as many as 6,000. These patents would even involve the technology on which Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s second layer, is based. In other words, as Wright himself says, he will have the patents to operate Bitcoin and make it scalable.

Wright says he doesn’t intend to go against Bitcoin Core. Even Jimmy Nguyen, president of nChain, the company founded by Wright, has supported this thesis adding that there is currently no intention to take legal action against Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Cash.

In this legal war over Bitcoin’s authorship, Craig Wright has already made a significant step by registering the Bitcoin whitepaper. He did so only in 2019, 10 years after Bitcoin was created, which apparently makes little sense. But even to justify this move, Wright has an answer: he didn’t want to lose his anonymity. 

However, this is yet another contradiction since Craig Wright was first linked to the identity of the Bitcoin creator as early as 2015. In any case, Wright does not exclude that the registration of the whitepaper and patents may have “enforcement action”.

“You’ll have to wait and see.”

Craig Wright does show his ability to make people talk about himself. In recent days, he hinted that he had the keys to the Tulip Trust, a series of addresses that would contain a fortune in Bitcoin. However, in the days that followed, he denied providing those same keys. In the meantime, the price of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision had risen

It remains to be seen whether this blockchain patent stunt is another marketing gimmick or whether it will really turn the whole industry around. 

In the meantime, Craig Wright can boast of having a dedicated browser: Maxthon, in fact, announced that they are designing the first browser based on the BSV blockchain. The company is convinced that Bitcoin Satoshi Vision will strengthen the next generation of the Internet. This is because BSV follows Bitcoin’s original protocol and its blockchain is scalable, so it can handle more data, with high volumes of microtransactions at low costs. An endorsement to all intents and purposes.

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