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TravelbyBit adds Expedia’s hotels

TravelbyBit has announced that it has added Expedia’s hotels to its database

More than 600,000 hotels will be integrated into the TravelbyBit platform, bringing the total number of hotels that can be booked in cryptocurrency to almost 800,000 worldwide. 

TravelbyBit is one of the leading online crypto travel booking websites and, with this addition, it is possible to book hotel rooms virtually anywhere in the world by paying in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 

TravelbyBit CEO Caleb Yeoh explained

“Expedia has a reputation as the hotel experts in the travel industry. Providing their wide range of hotel booking options on TravelbyBit will further the utility and adoption of crypto by increasing the availability of mainstream services and supply. The integration of Expedia’s hotel database on TravelbyBit makes sense for both companies and, more importantly, our customers”.

In addition, the website also offers the possibility to earn up to 10% bitcoin rewards on every flight or hotel booked, thanks to a special program offered exclusively to its customers. 

Since its launch just over two years ago, TravelbyBit has already processed over 10,000 cryptocurrency transactions, and now offers over 1 million flight and hotel options worldwide payable in cryptocurrency or with credit cards. 

The addition of Expedia’s hotel catalogue brings the service to another level, multiplying the hotel offering by four. 

Moreover, according to a recent survey, the most frequent type of purchases involving crypto payments would be those of restaurants and hotels, with 32.71% of total payments made on the 2gether platform. In short, the travel sector seems to be the dominant one when it comes to services paid for with cryptocurrencies

For this reason, the news of the integration of 600,000 new hotels in the TravelbyBit catalogue could have a big impact on the mass adoption of cryptocurrency as a means of payment, since so far it has not always been easy to spend crypto for this type of purchases. In this way, the offer is considerably widened, and if there will be demand then it is fair to imagine that the volume of crypto payments in the coming months may increase significantly. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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