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The Missing Cryptoqueen, the OneCoin scam becomes a TV series

The story of the OneCoin scam and its creator Ruja Ignatova, will become a TV series. The news came from a report released by Deadline according to which New Regency Television International won the rights to turn the BBC Sounds podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen into a miniseries. 

The podcast consists of eight episodes with millions of downloads that took it to the top of the iTunes UK charts. The story is well known and recounts the birth of OneCoin with which its founder Ruja, an entrepreneur from Bulgaria, strived for a financial revolution, as well as challenging Bitcoin

OneCoin eventually turned out to be a Ponzi scheme-style scam, with pyramid-like marketing by a number of affiliated companies, and deceptive promotions that guaranteed dizzying returns with investments of thousands of dollars or euros. From 2014 (the year of its launch) to 2017, Ruja had managed to raise $5 billion from thousands of investors around the world who let themselves be deceived by entrusting OneCoin with their life savings.

Wanted by the FBI, Ruja Ignatova disappeared in October 2017 and since then there has been no trace of her. Meanwhile, OneCoin has been called “the scam of the century”, and she has become part of the “myth”. Following the podcast, her story will now be broadcast on screens. 

Ed Rubin and Emma Broughton of the New Regency will produce the series with the help of the podcast’s authors, Jamie Bartlett and Georgia Catt

In the meantime, several fraud trials have opened. One of them involves Konstantin Ignatova, Ruja’s brother, who allegedly pleaded guilty and asked for a plea bargain. 

Konstantin Ignatova was arrested in Los Angeles last March. At one of the hearings, he allegedly admitted that he didn’t know where his sister had gone. Ruja, before he lost track of her, had tickets to Austria and Greece and met Russian-speaking people.

Her story is definitely a noir novel. Perfect for a TV series. 


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