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New update for the EOS mainnet

A couple of days ago EOSio released a new update for the EOS blockchain, upgrading it to v2.0.2.

Recently the blockchain has suffered a loss of blocks, which resulted in transactions not being updated: basically, since all transactions are recorded within the blocks, if a block is lost the transactions that the block contained within it are also lost.

This problem was caused both by the extreme speed at which the blocks are generated (detailed information on how EOS blocks are produced can be found, for example, in the free Mastering EOS book) as well as by the transition from one Block Producer (BP) to another, which results in a network latency that is higher than the transition of the “witness” from one BP to another.

For this reason, the latest EOS update introduced solutions to these problems within just a few weeks of analysing the problem. In addition, this update has also improved the CPU power to be dedicated to the production of blocks, since small blocks require less power and are faster. 

Thanks to this version 2.0.2. of EOS, the speed of confirmations sent between BPs with a read-only mode for the exchange of blocks has also been improved.

This update has already been implemented by the major BPs and brings with it a significant improvement of the network, although some Block Producers continue to support the previous version (the 1.8) which still creates small discrepancies and does not make the blockchain perfect and fast.

The update has been made possible with the help of the community of people interacting with Block.one, in order to solve all bugs and problems in the shortest possible time, as in the case of some BPs (like EOS Nation). 

Finally, it is worth remembering that only a couple of days are left to the launch of the decentralized social network Voice that, as we know, will use a traditional KYC (Know Your Customer) system to recognize its users in order to avoid fake accounts. 

The beta version of the platform will be available from next February 14th.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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