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Ripple, Coinbase and Robinhood in the top 10 Fintech USA

The top 10 best fintech companies in the USA include three companies involved with cryptocurrencies. These are Ripple, Coinbase and Robinhood, the ranking was drawn up by Forbes. For all three it is a reconfirmation because they were already present in 2019

The famous business magazine has analyzed the market value of the 10 companies, which has grown since last year, from an average of 6 billion to 9 billion dollars

Amidst the companies that are growing the most, there is Ripple, which reaches 10 billion dollars, placing it second in the ranking. 

The Top 10 Fintech USA: the complete ranking

Here is the ranking of the top 10 Fintech companies in the United States:

  1. Stripe, $35 billion;
  2. Ripple, $10 billion;
  3. Coinbase, $8.1 billion;
  4. Robinhood, $7.6 billion;
  5. Chime, $5.8 billion;
  6. Plaid, $5.3 billion;
  7. SoFi, $4.8 billion;
  8. Credit Karma, $4 billion;
  9. Opendoor, $3.8 billion;
  10. Root, $3.7 billion.

The recovery of Ripple 

In the same ranking drawn up last year by Forbes, Ripple was fourth with a value of $5 billion. In today’s ranking, not only has Ripple doubled its value to $10 billion but, explains Forbes, it has 300 institutional clients including Standard Chartered and Santander. Particularly appreciated was the investment of 50 million in MoneyGram, which uses XRP in 10% of its international transactions to Mexico.

All this took place in 2019, a difficult year for the price of XRP, which in any case is taking advantage of the bullish trend at the beginning of 2020, reaching 30 cents of a dollar in the last few days. 

The strength of Coinbase

Compared to the previous year, Coinbase lost a position, going from second to third place. In 2019 it was worth $8 billion, but in 2020 its value is slightly higher reaching $8.1 billion. Its current strength lies in the decision to open up custody services to institutional clients, create a personal wallet and include among the listed cryptocurrencies those that protect privacy the most.

Robinhood does well but isn’t on the podium

The mobile app offers cryptocurrency services together with other financial ones. In 2019, however, its users grew “only” by 13%, while in 2018 they had doubled. Nevertheless, Robinhood’s value has increased from 5.8 billion to 7.8 billion. Not bad.


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