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A partnership between Dash Next and BiKi.com

A new partnership between Dash Next and the Asian exchange BiKi.com was officially announced yesterday. 

The goal is to expand Dash in the Asian crypto markets covered by the exchange, particularly in South Korea, Vietnam and China, where its users will also be involved in campaigns and activities involving the use of Dash.

The first step of the new partnership is the addition of the DASH/USDT trading pair on BiKi and in this regard the Southeast Asian CEO of the exchange, Ethan Ng, said

“BiKi is thrilled to have one of the top 20 tokens on CoinMarketCap, Dash, to be not only listed with us but partnered with us. This win-win partnership allows our users to trade Dash efficiently with InstantSend and allows Dash to become even more widely traded and known in top crypto markets. With Dash Evolution around the corner, users will have an even better experience building ideas on Dash, and I look forward to BiKi cryptocurrency exchange users not only trading Dash, but also putting a proposal online and becoming part of Dash”.

Ng refers to Dash’s automatic InstantSend technology, which uses a subset of the masternode network to block transactions so that they are permanent even before they are included in a block. This feature will be available to BiKi users, so that transactions in Dash are recorded permanently in less than two seconds. 

Furthermore, Dash is currently working on implementing its deployment in Southeast Asia and in particular in Thailand, where it is already possible to book flights and hotels online with Dash or pay in selected bars and restaurants. 

The co-founder of Dash NEXT, Felix Mago, commented: 

“[The partnership with BiKi Exchange] proves once again that Dash is one of the most global and most available cryptocurrencies out there. We are very happy to partner up with BiKi as we are convinced that it will bring great value to both BiKi and Dash users. As we progress further into 2020, we can expect that the adoption of Dash Next will be accelerated into more ecosystems and businesses, allowing users to transact with Dash in a seamless and secure way. With BiKi’s vast network of 2 million users and 130,000 daily active users across the globe, more will be exposed to Dash and its unique features and benefits”.

The announcement so far does not seem to have had any significant impact on the price of Dash


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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