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EOS: the Voice social network is finally active

Just a few minutes ago the beta of the expected decentralized social network, Voice, created by Block.one and based on the EOS blockchain with a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure to create posts and comment them avoiding fake accounts, was activated.

As announced yesterday, the KYC procedure can be done using a driver’s license, passport or ID card, therefore a standard procedure that we find also on exchanges. The process has been entrusted to third party companies that will use the users’ information to verify their identity. After this procedure the data will be automatically deleted.

A few minutes ago the CEO of Voice, Salah Zalatimo, also wrote an interesting question: is the digital world real or not? 

Obviously, to subscribe to Voice, there are rules to be respected, such as respect for the property of others, avoiding messages of hatred, abuse and discrimination and the dissemination of sensitive information that could harm someone. Based on violations, we have a system similar to what some platforms do and with different levels of warning:

  • Strike 1: Warning
  • Strike 2: 24 Hour Mute
  • Strike 3: 7 Day Mute
  • Strike 4: 30 Day Mute
  • Strike 5: 1 Year Mute
  • Strike 6: Permanent termination of your Voice account

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Using the login button that is now on the Voice.com website, you can access your credentials that have arrived via email. For the moment, in fact, only American citizens can access them, while for the rest of the world access will be gradual.

Anyway, to celebrate this event, the EOS community in Israel has decided to have its own party dedicated to Voice.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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