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Samsung Galaxy S20 offers even safer crypto storage

The new flagship smartphone of the Korean company, the Samsung Galaxy S20, will improve crypto storage

When the new device was introduced, which will be available on the market from March 6th, the manufacturer explicitly stated that it will be equipped with a new, even more secure processor dedicated to the protection of PINs, passwords and blockchain private keys

As a result, in addition to being equipped with the same crypto storage features as previous models, the custody of private keys will be improved to further increase security levels. 

Samsung has long shown an interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain-based technologies, so it’s hardly surprising that they have decided to continue on this path, albeit without major novelties. 

Other significant innovations of this new model include battery life and photo quality, but the explicit reference to private keys reveals that the Korean company is focusing on this very feature to gain the public’s appreciation. 

In fact, it should not be forgotten that South Korea is one of the states in the world whose citizens show the greatest interest in cryptocurrencies, so it is more than logical that Samsung is continuing on this path already initiated with previous models. 

For example, on the whole range of the new model, the secure storage of crypto private keys will be available as a basic standard feature. 

Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore is compatible with Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, Bitcoin and TRON. Furthermore, it seems that they are planning not to limit the installation to flagship products, such as the S10 or S20, but to extend it also to cheaper models.

Some time ago, the Korean company also released a Software Development Kit (SDK) on Ethereum to allow developers to create dApps on this blockchain that are compatible with its devices. 

Consequently, it can be said that the company’s involvement in the blockchain sector is already at an advanced stage, despite the fact that it officially started less than a year ago, and it appears to be destined to expand in the future. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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