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Warren Buffett still owns the Bitcoin from Justin Sun

Warren Buffett still owns the Bitcoin and the TRX that Justin Sun gave him at the dinner on January 23rd. This was revealed by the founder of TRON who contradicted the words of the American billionaire. Yesterday, in fact, Warren Buffett declared in an interview with CNBC that he had no cryptocurrencies, reiterating his opposition to them. What’s more: according to the Oracle of Omaha, cryptocurrencies have no value

Social networks were immediately flooded with comments directed at Justin Sun, who had tried his best during the dinner to convince him of the advantages of Bitcoin. 

Justin Sun replied via Twitter: 

“The cryptos BTC/ TRX Mr. Buffett owns remain intact w/ blockchain proof which is the beauty of blockchain. I won’t interpret Mr.Buffett as a crypto investor, which he’s not. He only has the BTC/ TRX I gifted him in his Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is a 20% return thus far!”

To these words Justin Sun has attached links to the Bitcoin and TRON blockchains, confirming his statements.

Among the many who made fun of Justin Sun after Warren Buffett’s statements there is also the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao who, sharing the video from CNBC, asked if Warren Buffett also knew how to sell the Bitcoin that Justin Sun had given him, adding:

“Nice effort, but you can only take a horse to water… This is why I rarely try to convince anyone. Their choice. Crypto doesn’t have to be used by everyone. My grandma never used USD”. 

Sun himself replied that he will continue his efforts to teach grandmothers how to use cryptocurrencies as well.

After all, during the dinner they had on January 23rd, Warren Buffett was very frank with Justin Sun: while recognizing the potential of the blockchain, he hadn’t changed his mind about Bitcoin, adding a sibylline phrase:

“I’m sure my grandson would rather inherit my wealth in USD”.

So it can’t be said that Warren Buffett changed his mind, not even after he was impressed by the speed of the cryptocurrency transactions Justin Sun exhibited to him. He simply maintained his point of view.

Nevertheless, the founder of TRON reiterated his belief that the dinner with the American billionaire was not only an opportunity for charity, but also a moment to discuss different perspectives. 

“Mr. Buffett is such a great teacher of life, I learned so much!”

Sun tweeted.

He then went to jokingly announce a new initiative: Warrencoin, the tokens for Warren Buffett fans. 

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