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Justin Sun finally had dinner with Warren Buffett

The dinner between Justin Sun and Warren Buffett finally took place. It actually happened on January 23rd, a few days after the lunch between Justin Sun and Steve Wozniak. The CEO of TRON has given news about it on Twitter posting photos of the dinner together with the receipt and recounting the course of the event that had been postponed for a long time. 

“Great things take time. Thank you Warren Buffett for your dinner, wisdom, & vision. I’ll always remember your sage advice on making TRON more successful. Interesting talk re charities, Bitcoin, Tesla & TRON. C U at BRK2020 & look forward to reunion meal in 2030!”

The meeting was also attended by Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, Chris Lee, CEO of Huobi, Helen Hai representing Binance and Yoni Assia for eToro.

Justin Sun gifted Warren Buffett a Samsung Galaxy Fold with a TRON wallet installed. Inside the wallet, he transferred almost two million TRX, which means Buffett is now officially a TRON holder as well. Not only that, Justin Sun’s other gift was a Bitcoin stored in the same Galaxy Fold. The occasion was an opportunity to show Warren Buffett the fruits of the partnership between TRON and Samsung. Moreover, according to Justin Sun’s tweets, the American billionaire would have been impressed by the speed of transactions on the TRON network.

Justin Sun then reported on Warren Buffett’s comments

“Warren Buffett believes there is great potential in blockchain & lots of his portfolio companies are exploring it such as JP Morgan. He is curious to see how blockchain will play out in the payment industry in the next 10 yrs. I have lots of work in store for me!”

Speaking of Bitcoin:

“Warren Buffett feels Bitcoin still needs a lot of work in order to capture the value of blockchain. I told Mr. Buffett Bitcoin is the currency for the next generation, Mr. Buffett smiled and said “I’m sure my grandson would rather inherit my wealth in USD.” LOL!” 

Finally, Warren Buffett dismissed one of Justin Sun’s investments, the one in Tesla: according to the American billionaire, Elon Musk is a great entrepreneur but Tesla is not a good investment because at the moment there are too many competitors in the automotive industry.

Justin Sun won the dinner with Warren Buffett by participating in a charity auction and contributing $4 million. The event became quickly unique because Warren Buffett is known to be a critic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The dinner, however, had been postponed several times. In the past few days, 8 months after the auction, the billionaire and the CEO of TRON finally met. Who knows if they’ll ever see each other again. 


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