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Lysis Solution: how blockchain revolutionizes leasing

Lysis Solution is a new platform for leasing and corporate credit that will offer new crowdfunding opportunities, using blockchain and a native token, in response to market imbalances and asymmetries, which are now increasingly present in traditional markets.

This will be a completely revolutionary alternative to the current procedures in this sector, with the aim of becoming a new tokenized market to allow easier access to the capital market, considering that today companies have notable difficulties in finding solutions to finance new projects.

The tokenization of assets as the future of traditional markets

According to a recent report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the tokenization of assets is an inevitable future and will change the way of approaching investments and more.

In fact, the current imbalances in the capital market have generated a real credit crunch that will not easily and quickly be solved with traditional solutions, especially given the increasing entry barriers to lending systems.

Lysis offers a solution to these problems, thanks to a unique system that will automatically allocate capital where investors believe it is most appropriate, thus creating not only an interesting new crowdfunding vehicle but also introducing revised allocation concepts that take into account the perceived quality factor. 

Within this market, individual investors, but also institutions, will be able to acquire and exchange tokens based on their perception of value, while companies will be able to issue and sell tokenized financial products. 

Through investors’ decisions, capital will flow inside and outside the platform to fuel value creation for companies.

This way, companies that need to raise capital or lease equipment can use Lysis as a ready-to-use platform where capital flows automatically. At the same time, investors will have full control over the allocation of their capital thanks to the capabilities of the blockchain.

Even traditional financial intermediaries and credit institutions will reap the benefits since the Lysis platform will be faster than traditional channels and will offer modern and innovative security tools for credit institutions, borrowers and investors while maintaining the highest standards of compliance.

The technical partners involved in achieving all this, include Sinico, a company specialized in the design and construction of large cutting machines that can be rented within the Lysis platform. 

The decentralization of communication

A special chat has also been created on Telegram in order to overcome the typical obstacles caused by not very proactive call centres or external customer support and to create a direct channel for asking the Lysis team questions about the project.

The chat will also provide the latest news and updates concerning the development of the platform, the date of the ICO and much more.

The Lysis token

The platform uses the Lysis Solution token, LDS (Lysis Different Solution), an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain that will act both as a utility token of the platform itself, with a fixed value of 1 EURO, and as a token to monitor Sinico’s rental machine management protocol.

In fact, these rental machines will be equipped with a wallet for LDS tokens, which will be used as collateral for leases on behalf of the borrower. 

This will allow the LDS token to be used worldwide so that the LDS tokens will always be in circulation. 

A private token sale is currently underway, and the ICO is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2020. A total of 20 million LDS tokens will be issued, of which 50% will be sold during the ICO, that has a 2.5 million euro soft cap, and 10 million euro hard cap. The rest will be allocated to reserves (40%) or issued to founders and advisors (1%). 

The Lysis platform addresses a global reality that is struggling to integrate with the more traditional financial approaches, aiming to simplify and speed up the procedures of accessing capital, while maintaining high standards of quality and compliance with regulations.


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