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EOS: a new resource to manage smart contracts

During the last few days, the EOS community has learned about a possible new resource, called DISK, for the management of smart contracts that could complement the existing ones, namely RAM, CPU and NET.

The turmoil and doubts have been dispelled by a tweet published a few hours ago by Block.one’s CTO, Daniel Larimer, who confirmed that EOS will have a hardware resource designed to manage a significant amount of data:

The resource – detailed here – will allow the management and translation of smart contracts in a dedicated location, as they are currently stored inside the RAM, thus eliminating the cost of buying large amounts of RAM and relieving the blockchain because it will consume a physical resource and not a virtual one.

As a matter of fact, not only will it be cheaper than RAM, since it will consume CPU which has a lower cost, especially if bought on the REX (Resource Exchange) that allows borrowing large amounts of resources at a low price, but another advantage will be the ability to store almost unlimited information.

This is a really effective solution aimed at making the development of smart contracts on the EOS blockchain cheaper, allowing to enhance and improve the existing smart contracts.

Think for example of a gaming dApp that demands cumbersome data and facilities, or the decentralized social network Voice.

Moreover, it is an on-chain and not off-chain solution, so this new resource can also be used for EOS sister chains, such as Telos (TLOS), bringing a significant advantage compared to other blockchains.

In the last few hours more than 34 million EOS, worth over $130 million, have been burnt, which was done immediately after the reduction of the cryptocurrency’s inflation.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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