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DAI: the stablecoin enters the gaming world

A few hours ago, a statement was published by MakerDAO, the team behind the development of the DAI stablecoin, in which it is announced its entry into the gaming world by providing the stability that traditional cryptocurrencies do not have.

When considering the evolution of the monetization of a game and the gaming industry, it is clear that there has been a shift from a model where the manufacturer had to sell a given number of copies of the game at a certain price, to a model where the game is often free but it is necessary to pay to progress quickly, classifying this type of games as freemium.

It is therefore difficult to integrate any crypto since the producer of the video game would risk receiving too little money due to their volatility, especially if there is a need for an important cash flow that could be reinvested.

This is where the DAI stablecoin comes in to support the gaming economy – at least the one based on blockchain – guaranteeing the certainty of the price of a given asset over time.

There are already a dozen games listed that already use DAI internally, most of them are card games.

The DAI Gaming Initiative has also put as many as 13,000 DAI up for grabs for those who will create gaming apps using their stablecoin.

Super positive news both for the stablecoin, which only last year switched to a multicollateral system, but also for decentralized finance (DeFi) as this brings together 2 different sectors, the economic one and the gaming one.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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