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John McAfee tells his truth about the Coronavirus

The famous crypto influencer John McAfee has his own theory on the Coronavirus pandemic

He decided to tell his point of view with a video published on his official Twitter profile, entitled “The Truth About the Coronavirus” in which he hypothesizes that it’s a conspiracy by the Chinese and American governments. 

A few days ago he had already implied something similar, but this time he decided to explain what he means. 

It is worth remembering that McAfee is still officially a candidate for the US presidential election in November, so his intervention could be an act of propaganda as part of his election campaign, despite the fact that he’s aware that he can’t win.

McAfee and the Coronavirus video

The first thing McAfee says in the video is that the virus is not as deadly as it is perceived. There are about 4,700 dead so far in the world, out of a total of about 127,000 infected, resulting in about 3.7% of infected people not surviving. 

It is difficult to say whether this percentage is higher or lower than perceived, but it is not unlikely that McAfee is right about this. 

McAfee also said that the common flu is more dangerous than the Coronavirus even though the numbers are still very confusing.

At one point in the video, the influencer questions the fact that in China the mortality rate recorded for the Coronavirus is 2 %, and that, according to him, people quarantined in northern China are actually dying because of freezing temperatures and lack of hydration. 

However, he does not mention the sources of this information, hence it is not substantiated. 

McAfee also adds that the mortality rate outside the cities is only 0.16%, claiming that the common flu mortality rate would be 0.17%. 

According to McAfee, therefore, the Coronavirus would be slightly less deadly than the common flu.

The source of this data is also not mentioned.

Still among his tweets, the founder of the most famous computer antivirus in the world insists on imagining a repression in China of monumental proportions whereby no one would be allowed to talk, enter or leave, adding that this could also be a joint venture between China and the United States

Or rather, McAfee accuses the US of complicity for having agreed to support the version told by the Chinese government in exchange for agreeing to support the thesis that Washington should also adopt draconian countermeasures.

The Coronavirus in Italy

Taking Italy as an example, which, alongside China, is currently the country in the world with the greatest restrictions due to the Coronavirus, there is no real ban on leaving home without permission and there is no restriction on speech. 

It would be plausible to imagine that even in the US, if strict containment measures were adopted, they might not be so different from the Italian ones, so the scenario described by McAfee to date would not seem plausible. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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