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Coronavirus: blockchain solutions for distance education

The blockchain also becomes a solution to promote distance learning in the days of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus emergency led to the closure of schools and universities in the most affected countries. To give an example, China, Italy and, since Monday, France have had to resort to this drastic measure to stop the Covid-19 contagion. And if China has been struggling with the virus since January, Italy has closed schools for a month (they will reopen, perhaps, on April 3), while France will keep them closed “until further notice”. 

In this context, the school year risks being compromised for students and teachers, and in order not to miss too many days of teaching, the institutes organise themselves as best they can with online lessons. 

In this scenario, ODEM (a Swiss blockchain company active in the education industry) proposes a different but equally effective solution: a blockchain platform offering a an integrated online learning and digital certification system at no cost, ready to be used by students and teachers while schools reopen.

Thanks to ODEM, in-person courses can be moved to online after which a certificate is issued. In addition, ODEM records students’ progress and can be integrated with the existing learning management system (LMS).

ODEM has decided to make its platform available at no cost, with the hope of becoming the global benchmark for a solution that guarantees the right to study. 

Explains Richard Maaghul, CEO and founder of ODEM:

“ODEM’s concept is designed to provide an education and training platform accessible to all. We clearly could not have anticipated circumstances such as the present to bring our vision into reality, but we are grateful to be part of the solution to enable students around the world to continue their education regardless of their physical location, or the proximity of their school”.

Coronavirus, in Italy school and diplomas on blockchain

In Italy, where, as said, schools and universities are closed at least until April 3, other solutions are also being studied. This is the case of the international high schools of Villa Flaminia in Rome, where they are experimenting with a digital diploma on blockchain, with the collaboration of EY. 

The blockchain will make it possible to certify the educational process and the students’ progress also with distance learning, recording the courses and subjects followed. 

In Italy this is not the first example of the use of blockchain for qualifications: the second level master’s degree from Luiss Business School is certified with Ey’s blockchain technology. But there are similar cases in Malta, where blockchain training is law, and also at MIT in Boston, Holberton School in San Francisco and Imperial College in London.

A similar experiment was also underway in Crotone.

The headmaster of Villa Flaminia Maria Chiara Sidori explains: 

“This project could contribute, in this way, to the elimination of information asymmetries with other institutions, allowing for example, universities and companies to verify the truthfulness of the qualification boasted by any candidate”.

Claudio Meucci, EY blockchain Hub MED Founder, adds:

“EY is by the school’s side in these difficult times. Continuing this project also wants to be an example for the country, that it can react and that activities and projects can continue even more intensively and effectively. The school is the first place to start”.


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