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Supermarkets where crypto payments are possible

Which supermarkets accept crypto payments for purchases

One of the first, and most famous, is Overstock, an e-commerce portal from Salt Lake City that sells furniture and similar products around the world.

In reality, Overstock’s commitment to the crypto market goes far beyond simply offering payment methods that include cryptocurrencies, since they even invested in a crypto company some time ago. 

However, the case of Overstock, which is worth over $1.5 billion, is more unique than rare. 

Another website where it is possible to shop online by paying in crypto is We Shop With Crypto, which offers many different types of products, including books, automotive, electronics, clothing, collectables and digital goods. 

The website offers more than 500 products and the possibility for anyone to become a seller, although the numbers pale in comparison to those of Overstock. 

As for physical stores, and in particular those selling groceries, there is a map on Spendbitcoins.com, where it is possible to find several maps divided by product categories. 

To be honest, however, these maps are probably incomplete, so much so that the Coinmap map has many more activities and shops. 

However, while on Coinmap there is only the world map of all those who have declared to accept crypto payments, with filters by product category, on Spendbitcoins there are also lists of items that can be purchased in bitcoin and the search option. 

In addition, these lists of products are in turn divided into categories, which makes it much easier to browse the website. 

On local.bitcoin.com there is also a list of products that can be purchased by paying in Bitcoin Cash, searchable by name and divided into categories. They range from clothing to electronics, books, beauty products, and other categories. 

But the platform preferred by real bitcoiners is probably OpenBazaar, a P2P software that allows anyone to sell or buy any product by paying in cryptocurrency. 

Among the various categories it supports there are also food and drinks, and since it is not a company or an organization, but open-source P2P software, its use is completely free, without restrictions. 

For those who want to use bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to pay on traditional websites, such as Tesco UK, on Bitrefill there is a long list of vouchers payable in cryptocurrencies. 

In this case, however, the payment to the merchant is not made in crypto, but through vouchers that can be purchased on Bitrefill by paying in cryptocurrencies. 

Finally, there are also some home delivery services, such as Takeaway.com, which accept crypto payments, but obviously do not operate worldwide. 

Another example is the German Lieferando, but there are also some in Poland, the Netherlands, or South Korea

Alternatively, it is always possible to use cryptocurrency debit cards, such as the one currently being issued by Eidoo


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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