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In the Netherlands the blockchain against the Coronavirus

In the Netherlands a group of companies has launched a technological initiative that exploits the blockchain in the fight against the Coronavirus Covid-19

This is the Tech against Corona initiative, with which several tech companies in the Netherlands provide free technology support to the Dutch government, aid workers, healthcare workers and hospitals. 

On March 25th, a first online meeting with some public officials and parliamentarians took place, during which these companies proposed solutions based on their services and products in order to contribute to the fight against the virus.

One of these companies is TYMLEZ, which will shape the medical products ecosystem through its blockchain-based platform. 

In particular, this blockchain will be used to ensure transparency throughout the supply chain in an attempt to prevent price speculation by exploiting the boom in demand for specific products. 

The objective of this initiative is to make the knowledge and expertise of these companies, together with their algorithms, available free of charge to the government, aid workers, care providers and hospitals. 

For example, in addition to TYMLEZ, they will also offer their services Cybersprint, which investigates fake websites and malware attacks together with the investigative journalist Huib Modderkolk, Compumatica, which improves the Internet connections of home workers performing critical tasks, and Traxion, which offers volunteers. 

In addition, KPN and Microsoft are planning to provide new technologies for existing systems.

This initiative already involves more than 10 companies, but aims to implement as many agreements as possible with other technology companies.

Member of Parliament, Jan Middendorp, said: 

We stay at home to keep each other safe. Technology can help with this. It is therefore more important than ever in this exceptional time for governments and tech companies to work together“. 

Another Member of Parliament, Chris van Dam, added: 

It’s fantastic that these companies are willing to assist the government. These smart tech heads are desperately needed right now.” 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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