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Bitcoin.com once again under attack by governments

Roger Ver and his company Bitcoin.com are owners of the domain which, according to him, is periodically under attack from unidentified governments.

It is Google’s GSuite service to report it through its system analysis. 

bch attack

This is not the first time that this happens and for Roger Ver, there is no better occasion to reiterate his anti-government policy of a libertarian nature.

“Some government somewhere in the world is collecting tax in the form of money, or are just printing money, and using it to attack Bitcoin.com”.

The economic theories promulgated by what was the first great promoter of Bitcoin, refer to models of analysis in defence of free market and free individual initiative.

Critical of Keynesian policies, Roger adds:

“From an economic stand point, governments are parasite in a free market”.

In all this, there could be no lack of references to the current problem that sees us all as protagonists in what, as a result of Covid19, has now morphed into a global pandemic crisis that has become economic and we hope it won’t become social.

According to Ver, the cure is proving to be more dramatic than the disease. The manipulation of monetary policies by states and the restrictions imposed on market productivity will cause more damage than would have happened by intervening with less authoritarian measures.

In this, he seems to resonate with the thinking of President Trump who a few days ago said:

What resulted is an economic disaster that challenges the resilience of the system which, as pointed out by the Executive Chairman of Bitcoin.com, is running for cover with propaganda messages that provide anything but the impression of being in good hands.

Jelena McWillimas
Jelena McWillimas

Jelena McWilliams tries to calm the Americans facing the current crisis with the aim of averting panic and people withdrawing cash at ATMs, but Ver’s reaction is diametrically opposed.

“When there are video like that out there, is probably the right time to take some money out of the bank”.

The comment is certainly pungent and advocates for what attempts to be an alternative monetary system to the traditional one.

The cryptocurrency world works to promote its own paradigm, at a time when it is dangerous to increase the amount of panic.

In sociology, a prophecy that is self-fulfilling, or self-determining, or self-realizing, is a prediction that is fulfilled by the mere fact of having been expressed. 

Prediction and event are in a circular relationship, according to which the prediction generates the event and the event verifies the prediction.

Even if the banking sector were not faced with a crash, a prophecy that insists on imagining it could contribute to its realization. 

William Thomas once said famously:

“If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences”

Here is an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy by the American sociologist Robert K Merton.

“One Wednesday morning in 1932, Cartwright Millingville goes to work. He is the president of the Last National Bank. 

He notes that the counters are particularly crowded for a Wednesday; all those people who make deposits are unusual on a day of the week that is far from the day on which they receive their paychecks. 

Millingville hopes in his heart that all those people have not been fired and begins his daily task as president. Last National Bank is a solid, guaranteed institution. 

Everybody knows it, from the president of the bank to the shareholders, to us. But those people who are queuing up in front of the bank counters do not know this; on the contrary, they believe that the bank is going bankrupt and that if they do not withdraw their deposits as soon as possible, they will have nothing left; and so they queue up, waiting to withdraw their savings. 

As long as they only believed it and did not act on it, they were wrong, but as long as they believed it and acted on it, they knew a truth unknown to Cartwright Millingville, to the shareholders, to us. They know that reality because they provoked it. Their expectation, their prophecy came true; the bank failed”.


Lorenzo Dalvit
Lorenzo Dalvit
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