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The Telos blockchain against Covid-19

During the weekend a piece of news was published about a partnership between the Telos Foundation, responsible for the development of the homonymous blockchain, and the company GenoBank for the implementation of an open-source application involving Covid-19 tests.

The blockchain involved, which we recall is a sister chain of EOS and therefore featuring many of the characteristics of the main chain but with some changes, with this new app will allow storing information from the tests.

The GenoBank products have QR codes, which, when scanned, will save the test information on the user’s account.

Once the code has been scanned and the test has been sent to the laboratory for control, the same laboratory will upload the results to the Telos blockchain and the user, in a completely autonomous way, will be able to check and cross-reference the data with those in his possession, thereby without any damage to privacy or the possibility that third parties can trace the name of a particular person.

The blockchain can provide timely and quick solutions that the government is unable to provide, as Douglas Horn pointed out:

“This project is a remarkable example of how individuals from around the world can come together to increase the tools we have to address global problems. Increasingly, we will see grassroots teams such as this rapidly providing solutions that governments cannot. We built Telos precisely to enable this type of peer-to-peer interaction. It’s rewarding to see a number of Telos developers come together and contribute their own code and expertise in support of the technology and logistics that Genobank brings to the table. The synergies are enormous and I’m so proud of every Agerona contributor.”

For the CEO of GenoBank, Daniel Uribe, it is something incredible how it is possible to combine privacy and blockchain when testing for Covid-19.

“We are honored to join this amazing team led by Telos Foundation and aim to contribute by sharing our experience in the fields of genomics, privacy laws and decentralized DNA data wallets to achieve the best privacy-preserving platform and an anonymous COVID-19 Test kit using the Telos Network. People have the right to know if they have the coronavirus without violating their privacy.”

All of this, both the Agerona app and the test kits to determine whether one is positive for Coronavirus, will be available soon, although limited only to US territory. Developers have been invited to provide help.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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