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Opera Android browser: new features for crypto

The latest Opera browser update for Android also introduces new features for crypto.

In the official blog are explained all the new features that also include some on the crypto front as well. Support for .crypto domains, and for .eth (Ethereum Name Service) and .xyz extensions is added.

In addition, the crypto wallet is also implemented and simplified. Crypto Buy functionality is now available in several countries: Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. With this update Opera aims to make the purchase of cryptocurrencies easier, directly from the browser. 

Other features of this new update for Android include: 

  • The possibility to reduce data consumption;
  • The ability to save pages offline to external memory;
  • Speed Dials: the auto-filling of the fields that sends directly to the desired url without finishing typing the address;
  • The possibility to switch directly from the browser to the Youtube app.

Opera: the browser that loves cryptocurrencies

Opera has been introducing the wallet crypto in its Android version for over two years, then extended to iOS and the desktop version. It was the first browser to do so, initially supporting only Ethereum. In June of last year it then introduced support for Bitcoin and Tron and the ability to make transactions with Bitcoin.

With this update Opera takes a further step towards simplifying the functionality with the aim of facilitating the use of cryptocurrency and addressing a wider audience. And who knows if it will not contribute to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. 

It is in direct competition with Brave, the browser that rewards its users with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). Brave is apparently a step forward: in the past few days, in fact, it has announced a partnership with the exchange Binance to trade cryptocurrency directly from the browser. 

In any case, the two browsers prove to be at the forefront and ready to intercept users who use cryptocurrency.


Eleonora Spagnolo
Eleonora Spagnolo
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