The latest updates from the NEM Foundation
The latest updates from the NEM Foundation

The latest updates from the NEM Foundation

By Alfredo de Candia - 31 Mar 2020

Chevron down

Yesterday, the NEM Foundation published a March update on the development of the blockchain.

The report begins by reassuring users about the Covid-19 situation and that all those working on the project have taken precautionary measures, stressing that their safety is a priority. In addition, development has not been interrupted, and work on the launch of Symbol continues.

In fact, NEM had announced that it would carry out a rebranding with a new name and a new logo, on which the community had to vote some time ago. 

Another update concerns the Symbol Academy, for which work is being done to produce video content aimed at creating completely free online courses; these will be ready by the end of the year, considering that currently, only 30% of the planned material is ready.

The marketing department is also working hard to create new content with new logos and symbols which from now on will replace the previous ones and then gradually replace the logos from the various platforms, even the official ones. In terms of development, engineers are working on the tests to be carried out before celebrating the official launch of new products, including the PoC (Proof of Concept) for the payment service for some cafes and shops in Japan that used NEM as their payment method.

Finally, the report concludes by highlighting the partnership with LuxTag to support Malaysia’s first STO, and the partnership with the central bank of Lithuania to produce collectable coins using the NEM blockchain.

So, despite the Coronavirus, it is clear that the NEM Foundation is moving forward with the project. Recently, some people who were holding NEM stolen from a previous attack on Coincheck have also been arrested.


Alfredo de Candia

Android developer for over 8 years with a dozen of developed apps, Alfredo at age 21 has climbed Mount Fuji following the saying: "He who climbs Mount Fuji once in his life is a wise man, who climbs him twice is a Crazy". Among his app we find a Japanese database, a spam and virus database, the most complete database on Anime and Manga series birthdays and a shitcoin database. Sunday Miner, Alfredo has a passion for crypto and is a fan of EOS.

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