The Bitcoin Man, Herbert Sim Runs With BeFaster as Investor and Advisor
The Bitcoin Man, Herbert Sim Runs With BeFaster as Investor and Advisor

The Bitcoin Man, Herbert Sim Runs With BeFaster as Investor and Advisor

By Crypto Advertising - 1 Apr 2020

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Blockchain-based and decentralized fitness and lifestyle mobile application, BeFaster, announced that Herbert Sim, commonly known as ‘The Bitcoin Man’, has joined as investor and advisor to the Maltese blockchain project.

“We are excited to have the industry’s top influencer ‘The Bitcoin Man’ himself back us as an investor, and to also join us as an advisor,” says the founding team, consisting of Irina Manilitsch, CEO; Maximilian Jurtz, CFO; and Frank Schulze, CTO. “With Herbert’s experience, influence and network, BeFaster is fuelled to run even faster.

“BeFaster a simple and yet brilliant idea – “Be Fit. Be Fast. Get Paid”. This unique ‘RUN for CASH’ system, couple with a passionate driven team of co-founders, will create a revolution across the world, especially with health enthusiasts, and to promote healthy living and lifestyle,” said Herbert Sim, “The app’s use of blockchain technology is a great example for businesses to emulate – transparency, without compromising on privacy. And the digital currency use-case is also plentiful, to participation in public and private challenges, to e-Commerce, and even in-app games to be launched after.”

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As a globally well-known brilliant marketer, formerly Global Operations Director at Huobi, Chief Marketing Officer at Cryptology, Herbert is a verified ‘blue tick’ public figure with a massive following across social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Herbert brings considerable expertise, both technical and industry specific to BeFaster.

Herbert started off in the industry of blockchain in 2010, when he founded Crypto Chain University (CCU), the world’s first repository for compiling blockchain and crypto research papers. It was initiated by his activism towards promoting decentralization, towards making knowledge and education available and free-for-all, and thus making CCU a free-to-use resource thus far.

Today, through his ‘The Bitcoin Man’ persona created back in 2016, he seeks to target mainstream people from all walks of life, through the use of illustration, and subtly introducing the knowledge of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in general.

And more recently ‘The Bitcoin Man’ has transformed into a venture capital, investing specifically into promising start-ups in the industry of blockchain, and most recently an acquisition of an iGaming media publication –

BeFaster starts its private sale on Wednesday, 1-April-2020, with exclusive perks during the period, that last only for three months, while stocks last.

Here investors can acquire participation rights and be involved in the future success of BeFaster.


BeFaster is a blockchain-based, decentralized fitness and lifestyle mobile application from Malta. With BeFaster app, users can ‘Run for Cash’, users receive monetary incentive for living a healthy and active lifestyle. They are rewarded with a unique bonus system.
Through the mobile app, users get access to the BeFaster autonomous and independent platform economy for goods and services from the areas of sports, wellness, nutrition, clothing and health & care, and more. The users receive real monetary values, vouchers and discounts.

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