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Report: March in negative for Travala

Like every month, Travala, a platform for booking flights and hotels using crypto payments, published a report on how users have behaved in March. 

For the first time after perhaps almost a year, this latest report reports negative data, probably due to the Coronavirus.

While the previous month‘s report was very positive and even exceeded 2,000 bookings, in March there was a significant drop with over 1,000 fewer bookings, obviously caused by the pandemic.

However, Travala remains operational, as announced some time ago when addressing the issue in another report.

In any case, the data emerging immediately when reading the report are those related to visitors by country and the countries preferred as tourist destinations: Italy and China are obviously missing in both rankings, mainly because of the flight restrictions that have isolated both countries.

Once again bitcoin (BTC) has confirmed itself as the main payment method, with 22%, followed by the AVA token with 10%, and Crypto.com Pay in third place with 8%, whereas fiat currencies remain at 40% and still lose against cryptocurrencies, showing how the use of crypto as a payment method is growing.

As for the AVA tokens locked with the SMART program allowing discounts on bookings, these are currently just under 5 million AVA, representing over 13% of the supply in circulation and corresponding to over half a million dollars locked, as the token is currently traded for about $0.12.

Travala had recently added Binance’s stablecoin, Binance USD (BUSD), as a payment method, after deciding to move their blockchain from di NEO to Binance Chain.

Now all that remains is to observe the month of April and see what will follow, although considering that the virus is spreading to other countries, there will certainly still be a decrease in bookings.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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