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IOTA Metamorphosis: product names have changed

IOTA Foundation has announced that it has simplified some of its product names, as requested by their community:

As the post indicates, the aim is to make everything easier and identify the various products with more appropriate names compared to how they were conceived at the beginning of the project. 

From now on these new names will be adopted and used in an attempt to reflect the traditional names for tools with known functionalities as in the case of a wallet-like product.

The first products that have been renamed are:

IOTA Streams, which was previously known as MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging), a dedicated protocol for data transmission on layer 2;

IOTA Smart Contracts, part of the sub-domain of the Qubic project, which focuses on the smart contract aspect as one of the most important aspects for IOTA;

IOTA Access, a lighter and more flexible framework with a language strongly focused on resource settings, making human-machine interaction reliable.

Another aspect that will be updated later will be the libraries and APIs.

Judging by the names chosen, it is possible to refer to a slow technological metamorphosis: the new Hornet and Bee nodes, together with the Chrysalis protocol upgrade, promise a significant change in the utility of the IOTA network.

Lastly, it is worth recalling what happened with IOTA, when the entire network was stopped due to some problems with the management of a wallet, which only in mid-March it became possible to fix and restart the entire network.

Everything was halted in the hope of solving some very serious problems in the shortest possible time.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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