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Free GRAM tokens? Just another scam

A new scam is involving Telegram and its GRAM tokens with false promises of receiving them for free.

In general, Telegram’s token, Gram, is experiencing a troubled situation with the SEC which has imposed a halt to the token’s launch on the market.

It will be very difficult for GRAM to see the light, even if the developers of the project are willing to launch TON regardless or fork the system.

The new Gram scam

This situation, however, has not stopped criminals from finding new ways to scam people using as an incentive the lack of certainties related to this token.

This time the hackers have created a website that promises to receive Gram tokens for free thanks to simple tasks like watching videos and the like.

To access it, users need to connect either their Google or Facebook account and actually hand over all their personal information to the platform.

gram tokens gratis

The price of the token is set at $1.84, but it is not possible to see the history of the price trend, which would also be impossible since it is not listed on any exchange.

Also, it is interesting to note that in order to make the whole thing credible there is a smart contract section that must be signed in order to receive extra Grams, which the website claims is necessary to do once a day otherwise it is not possible to withdraw the tokens.

The withdrawal, however, would not be in Gram tokens but only through PayPal or bitcoin (BTC), which makes the system even more suspicious.

gram tokens gratis

The domain was registered only 18 days ago, precisely on March 27th, 2020, a date that obviously shows that the platform has recently become operational and that obviously there are no guarantees in the use of this platform.

Unlike other scams, however, it appears that what is of interest here is the data of the users and not to steal seeds or cryptocurrencies, or maybe this happens in a second phase where the user is contacted in private.

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