How to participate in LKSCOIN IEO on Eidoo Crowd: tutorial
How to participate in LKSCOIN IEO on Eidoo Crowd: tutorial
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How to participate in LKSCOIN IEO on Eidoo Crowd: tutorial

By Crypto Advertising - 19 Apr 2020

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LKSCOIN’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Eidoo Crowd’s blockchain-based fundraising platform is underway, it started on March 31st and will last until May 27th, 2020. This is a tutorial on how to participate and buy LKS.

By accessing Eidoo Crowd directly via the website, it is possible to find the page dedicated to the LKSCOIN project including its description and the current status of the ongoing IEO.

Moreover, it is possible to see how many ERC20 LKS tokens, with a value of 0,01€ each, have already been purchased within a 1 million euro hard cap. What is also important to note is that the purchase of LKSCOIN can only be done through Euro or Tether (USDT).

When clicking on the Join with Eidoo Wallet button, the page warns the Android user that they will be redirected to the sales page of the LKS tokens, whereas for iOS and Desktop users, the redirection page is the Home of the Eidoo Wallet where they have to click Join LKSCOIN Token Sale Now!

iOS and Desktop users, by using a device with a QR Code scanner or camera, can scan the QR Code on the page and directly access the Eidoo Wallet.

Eidoo and LKSCOIN Wallet: how to buy LKSCOIN during the IEO

In case someone doesn’t have an account on the Eidoo wallet, they will need to create one by downloading the app and following the required procedure to verify the user account, which will allow them to buy the LKSCOIN token.

More specifically, in order to purchase LKS, the user must complete the Tier 1 verification (the requested verification concerns the identity of the user) and the Tier 2 verification (this one concerns the residence). After creating an Eidoo ID, the user will be able to access the different sections of his/her wallet.

For each cryptocurrency available, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Eidoo (EDO), it will be possible to make deposits by receiving them on a new crypto address or buy them via credit card or bank transfer.

After depositing crypto assets on Eidoo, it is possible to make atomic swaps, i.e. trade ETH, for instance, with the list of tokens available in its section.

Within the wallet, by clicking on the Buy button, it is possible to directly buy all the listed tokens, including LKSCOIN, available for purchase via fiat currency only by bank transfer and not by credit card.

LKSCOIN can be purchased with the euro fiat currency via bank transfer, or with Tether (USDT) in the dedicated section on the Eidoo wallet.

In case users don’t have USDT on their Eidoo wallet, they can purchase them only by swapping them with ETH. This means that the user can buy ETH, swap them with USDT, and then buy LKSCOIN by sending them to a USDT address on the app.

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