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SheFi project: women’s wealth becomes decentralized

SheFi is born, a project built by and for women, in an environment scarcely populated by the fair sex.

Finance and the international economic system are putting pressure on a monetary model in crisis, thus the new paradigm proposed by public blockchains becomes an opportunity to diversify one’s skills and portfolio.

As a result, a project is being launched that leads women to tap into DeFi platforms through a protected and ambitious formula. To do this, Ethereum was chosen. 

“I am excited to publicly share my new blockchain educational project, SheFi!”.

These are the words of Maggie Love, summarizing the project that is being launched

A DeFi in pink that seeks to seize the moment to create more awareness. The goal is to involve a part of the world’s population that is still underrepresented in the blockchain sector.

Maggie lives in New York and, according to New York Life Investment Management, the United States is a country where women own and control 51% of private wealth

An estimated value of around 22 trillion dollars.

As shown by a study by Allianz Financial, women:

  1. Rely less on financial advisors;
  2. Want to be more competent and better control their financial choices;
  3. Feel less financially secure.

These are the reasons that motivated Maggie Love to voice her thoughts about what should motivate a woman to become interested in the project:

“Even though these are uncertain times, especially in the financial world, at the same time, one must ask what are my financial alternatives?”

What is the SheFi project for

SheFi has chosen Ethereum to build a community of women who are participants and active leaders in the new financial economy built on Web 3.0.

DeFi provides traditional financial tools and services reinvented thanks to a peer to peer network. It is one of the fastest-growing spaces in the public blockchain sector.

SheFi is an educational initiative that will also be a means to donate funds to non-profit organizations that educate women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programs.  

The objectives of the Shefi project:

  • Involve women in the use of decentralized financial protocols.
  • Educate women about decentralized projects and financial instruments
  • Experiment with various protocols and decentralized financial projects.
  • Support non-profit organizations, which focus on the education of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs.
  • Create an international community of women able to promote the adoption of DeFi among women globally.

How does SheFi work

SheFi is a course that teaches women about a new DeFi project every month

  • Funds are raised with the aim of making a donation to a non-profit organization that will be released at the end of the course; 
  • During the program, this fundraising is included in several DeFi projects that the group learns about;
  • Sessions are held on Zoom, they are recorded and then shared;
  • By collecting funds, women are not using their own personal savings, the group is practising with the money they have already agreed to give away. 

DeFi projects are still a risk, as they are young technologies that can still manifest bugs and systemic fragilities which could put the invested capital at risk.

Lorenzo Dalvit
Lorenzo Dalvit
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