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dForce: recovery of funds starts following the hack

Just a week ago, the dForce DeFi Lendf.Me platform had suffered a hack that had led to the loss of funds for 25 million dollars, but within a couple of days these had been returned and, as announced on Twitter a couple of hours ago, the system for recovering these funds promptly kicked off.

dForce, what happened during the hack

The dForce team then immediately remedied the situation and also audited the data in collaboration with a third party company to establish a distribution plan, develop the fund recovery system and so on.

Lendf.Me was in fact put offline to improve its security, but since yesterday it is back online and has also a fund recovery section, subject to acceptance of certain terms of service.

Since the funds have been returned by the hackers, users of the platform will be able to get them back.

The deadline for the recovery of these funds is scheduled for May 10th, 2020: after that date, explained in the article published by dForce, the funds of those who have not withdrawn them will be liquidated.

Please note that in order to recover the funds it will be necessary to use the same address used to operate the platform and, once the wallet is connected, it will be possible to withdraw the funds manually.

In the post, dForce recommends to visit the official page of the portal and to verify the address dedicated to the recovery (this one) in order to avoid phishing or scam attempts.

The copy and paste of the code that dForce would have used was harshly criticized by KAVA‘s top management, as explained in a recent interview, but at least the hack was solved in the best way.


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