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How to use Unstoppable Domains

The Unstoppable Domains service is famous because it allows managing a web page directly from a crypto wallet, making it censorship-resistant and easily transportable in terms of ownership, as this can be done through a simple transaction.

The peculiarity of this service is that anyone can buy a domain, with a .zil or .crypto extension and then upload all the content they prefer without any restrictions and therefore without being censored in any way.

As can be seen from the .zil extension, they use the Zilliqa blockchain to manage the wallet, but this is not a barrier for other cryptocurrencies and later we’ll see why.

In this guide, we’ll see how to create and manage a page via Unstoppable Domains.

Before starting the whole procedure, some tools are needed:

  • A Zilliqa wallet and the related .JSON file of the wallet, which can be created through this website;
  • Funds to buy the domain from those available, minimum $10;
  • The Unstoppable Domains browser extension, available here.

The first step involves registering on the Zillet website and then clicking on “Get A new Domain” on the left side menu and entering the desired domain (note that some are premium and others are protected).

The cost of a domain varies according to demand. Lastly, to complete the purchase it will be necessary to go to the “My Domain” section and add the address by uploading the .JSON file previously created in the wallet.

Once this procedure is completed it will be possible to choose the type of extension to which our domain is connected and then click on “Manage” to manage the details of the same, as well as to add several addresses (more than 50 cryptocurrencies) connected to the domain, thus being able to receive funds from more than 14 wallets (Trust Wallet or MyEtherWallet).

It is interesting to note that it is also possible to create an email address and sell the domain.

Transferring the domain requires simply entering the recipient’s address, while for adding content to the site there are pre-set templates.

After uploading the content, changes will have to be saved and the final result can be seen simply by typing the domain with the extension .zil or .crypto in the address bar. It will be necessary to install an extension for this to happen: for example, this timdraper.crypto is the official Tim Draper page.

The potential of Unstoppable Domains is endless, providing users with complete control over the data they enter.


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