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Opera collaborates with Unstoppable Domains for the .crypto domain

A few hours ago Opera announced on Twitter its new collaboration with Unstoppable Domains to integrate the blockchain name service on its Opera crypto wallet for Android. 

“#Comingsoon: With the integration of the blockchain names service @unstoppableweb into our Crypto wallet for the Android Opera browser, you’ll be able to register and use .crypto domains for your wallet or 3 websites.

In reality, soon after the tweet was deleted, which means something probably went wrong or was announced too soon.

In any case, it would be the .crypto blockchain domain created by Unstoppable Domains on the Ethereum blockchain as a tool for the community to build a decentralised internet, without third parties owning user data.

But what are blockchain domains? This is how it is described by Unstoppable Domains:

“Blockchain domains are alternative domain extensions. They are not part of the traditional DNS system and do not have ICANN approval. Originally they are not indexable in standard search and are not accessible in standard web browsers. Websites will be displayed via special browser extensions or in browsers that natively support blockchain domains”.

In essence, the blockchain domain, unlike traditional domains, replaces cryptocurrency addresses with a readable name. This allows payments to be made by connecting the addresses of any cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin to a domain, thus redirecting to the wallet by typing the domain into the sending field. 

Not only that, with blockchain domains it is also possible to create non-censored websites. For example, by creating mybusiness.crypto it is possible to store one’s own contents on a decentralised archive and direct one’s own domain towards one’s own contents. 

With its crypto wallet, Opera for Android will be added to the already existing partners of Unstoppable Domains such as Coinomi, CoinRequest, Trust, Viewblock, ZilPay, Moonlet and Atomic. 

In addition to domains, Opera was already on the list of crypto wallets that also use Ethereum Name Service (ENS), the blockchain naming service that in mid-October 2019 announced the launch of its new multi-coin feature rather than just for Ethereum addresses.

On the other hand, during the same period, the .crypto domain was launched by Unstoppable Domains, immediately after the success of the .zil domains on the Zilliqa blockchain sponsored directly by the Zilliqa Foundation. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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