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Just: the airdrop and the new records of the crypto

A new record has been set by the JUST crypto linked to the USDJ stablecoin based on TRON’s blockchain, surpassing almost all DeFi projects in terms of number of transactions in 24 hours, perhaps due to the upcoming airdrop.

Justin Sun, CEO of the TRON Foundation, after whom the crypto takes its name, has shared this success on his social media:

The record of the Just crypto

Just has in fact exceeded 1100 transactions in the last few hours and has therefore set a record, particularly considering that it has just been launched. In doing so Just has surpassed other protocols such as dYdX which ranks third, or even Compound which is in eighth place.

At the top of the ranking by number of transactions in the last hours, there is the Equilibrium stablecoin, EOSDT, with which it is now possible to use Bitcoin (BTC) as collateral to open a debt position and receive EOSDT, thanks also to the integration with pTokens.

In addition, since its launch the price of Just has already increased several times, increasing by a minimum of 542% to a maximum of 2041%. These data show a disproportionate interest for this new token on TRON.

The airdrop of the JUST crypto

Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that soon there will be an airdrop of this crypto for those who will have at least 100 TRON (TRX) on their account.

The airdrop will start from next May 20th, as recalled by Poloniex, the exchange recently acquired by Justin Sun.

Decentralized finance has now a new tool on the TRON blockchain, and the fact that every account holding that amount of TRON can participate in the airdrop only encourages mass adoption in this area.

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