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JP Morgan is looking for another cryptocurrency expert

JP Morgan has opened a new job position to hire a cryptocurrency and blockchain expert. In particular, it is a role that on the website of the American multinational is referred to as “Technical Blockchain Product Manager VP”.

This position appears to have been open for almost a year and was re-proposed just yesterday, evidently due to a lack of interesting applications. This role is part of the expansion of JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence. This is the branch of the Big Four that has the task of managing and organizing all the activities related to the blockchain and distributed ledgers.

Applicants must have more than 3 years of programming experience; know how to use JavaScript, Go, C++, Rust, Java and other languages; know how to use Linux and Ubuntu; have experience with cryptographic protocols; know the cloud systems of Amazon, Google or Microsoft and much more.

JP Morgan and Cryptocurrencies

In 2017, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, said he would fire all of his traders found to own bitcoin. Shortly afterwards, the Big Four decided to start working on their own digital currency called JPM Coin, while still discouraging the use of bitcoin. 

Adam Pokornicky, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Asset Investment Management (DAIM), an investment advisor specializing in digital assets, claimed some time ago that his company lost a potential client due to the bank’s involvement with JPM Coin. Little is known about this potential “cryptocurrency” and it is still unclear when JP Morgan will start using it.

Recently, there was also the news that JP Morgan Chase was planning to use the Quorum blockchain and to integrate and improve it together with the ConsenSys startup, a strong supporter of Ethereum.

Among other things, the multinational company was looking for a solution to improve the privacy of blockchain transactions using precisely Ethereum, since Quorum is actually based on this technology.

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