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Eosfinex: the beta will be launched in June

Eosfinex has announced today that the beta launch of the mainnet has been postponed until June in order to improve the platform and above all to combine the decentralization of accounts with the liquidity of Bitfinex.

In fact, one aspect that should not be overlooked for an exchange is precisely that of liquidity, because while it is true that there are decentralized exchanges (DEX) already operational on the EOS blockchain, it should be stressed that these are not always able to support the liquidity that a big exchange like Bitfinex can provide, a feature that was also emphasized by the CTO of Bitfinex, Paolo Ardoino:

“We believe providing the EOS community with the Bitfinex’s liquidity pool via the eosfinex platform will have a major impact on the ecosystem and users who prefer to trade on a non-custodial platform. Liquidity has been a major issue for DEX’s and we hope that by providing the best of both a centralized and decentralized exchange we will be able to grow the EOS community.”

The launch on the Eosfinex mainnet is an example of how Bitfinex is active in decentralizing this sector and relegating the asset management activity directly to the end-user, resulting in a more secure management of funds.

Among other things, this milestone will bring more cryptocurrencies and tokens for users. Indeed, there were only five pairs available and all but one had USDT as collateral, whereas soon the famous pBTC, tokens pegged to Bitcoin (BTC), and also the new gold-pegged asset Tether Gold (XAUâ‚®) will be listed.

June will be an important month for the EOS blockchain, considering that at the end of May Block.one will start voting and so the community will follow closely who will receive the most votes.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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