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New CryptoKitties designed by Momo Wang are ready

The new CryptoKitties Artist Series was launched with four CryptoKitties designed by Momo Wang, an award-winning and internationally recognized Chinese illustrator

This CryptoKitties Artist Series was launched by Dapper Labs, a partner of Animoca Brands since January 2018.

Wang is the creator of the famous Tuzki character, one of the most well-known characters in China and widely used on various instant messaging platforms, consisting of a black and white drawing of a rabbit. Over 40 million Tuzki stickers are sent every day on Facebook and WeChat. 

The new CryptoKitties Artist Series collection, inspired by the creatives of the blockchain ecosystem, debuts with four kittens designed by Wang and inspired by DADA ballet costumes, each with an authentic vision of the genetic make-up of a CryptoKitty. 

Two of these will be sold on Nifty Gateway, while the other two will be reserved for the next Fancy Chases. 

The first, Catterina, is a limited special edition of 100 units, for sale exclusively on Nifty Gateway at the price of $100 each. Half of all proceeds from this sale will go to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada, two associations that help people affected by the COVID-19 crisis and provide safe access to food. 

The sale of Catterina has already finished, as the 100 pieces have all been purchased within 3 minutes. In total, almost $5,000 was raised for Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. 

Momo Wang’s next kitten, called Koshkat, will be a unique piece that will be auctioned on Nifty Gateway starting May 14th. The auction will end at 19:30 PDT on Friday, May 15th, 2020.

Koshkat is an exclusive 1/1, unique of its kind and incredibly rare, indirectly inspired by abstract and surreal artists such as Kandinsky and Dali. Half of the proceeds from its sale will also go to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. 

The other two kittens designed by Momo Wang will be reserved as Fancies. The first one will be usable for breeding from May 23rd and for a limited time. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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