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New members of the Libra Association include investment funds

The Libra Association expands and welcomes three new members destined to mark a turning point for the upcoming Facebook cryptocurrency. 

The new members are:

  • Temasek,
  • Paradigm,
  • Slow Ventures.

These are three different investment companies, each with its own focus, that are added to other companies which have recently joined Libra, such as Shopify, Heifer International, Checkout.com, and Tagomi.

Who are the new members of the Libra Association

Temasek is an investment company based in Singapore. Its involvement will allow Libra to interface with Asian investors as well. Temasek has already shown interest in investments in technologies in the past, including the blockchain. Within the Libra Association, it will be able to contribute with investments in solutions that will make the world a better place. 

Paradigm and Slow Ventures are investment funds based in San Francisco. In particular, Paradigm is a crypto investment fund whose aim is to bring crypto assets to maturity. Whereas Slow Ventures is more focused on technology, science and culture. In the past, it has invested in Slack. 

Their contribution will allow the development of open and competitive payment systems

Dante Disparte, vice president and head of politics and communications of the Libra Association, welcomed the newcomers:

“The addition of three new members to the Libra Association shows our commitment to building a diverse group of organizations that will contribute to the governance, technological roadmap and launch readiness for the Libra payment system. We are honored to welcome Temasek, Paradigm and Slow Ventures to this effort. Each of these organizations shares our overall mission alignment bringing unique capabilities and long term focus on market development for blockchain and digital assets”.

Libra is thus pursuing its project and development, as evidenced by the appointment of the new CEO, Stuart Levey, and the recent licence application to Finma, the Swiss financial market regulator. 


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