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Crypto market cap in 2014

We previously looked at market cap in 2013, when the sector evolved from having only Bitcoin to the creation of Litecoin; but now let’s see what happened in 2014 and the crypto market cap in that year. 

We will always take data from Coinmetrics as a reference. 

market cap 2014

As can be seen from the graph, in 2014 several cryptocurrencies were born that contributed to the increase in the sector’s market cap

In January 2014, in addition to BTC and LTC, Dogecoin (DOGE) enters the market, which immediately kicks off with more than 50 million dollars in market cap at a price of about 1 cent.

At the end of January came Vertcoin (VTC) with a market cap of over $400 thousand dollars and a price just under 40 cents, becoming the 4th crypto in this January ranking.

In February arrived Dash (DASH) which, with its price of about $0.30, exceeds $370 thousand and, after Valentine’s Day, overtakes Vertcoin which moves into fifth position.

Shortly before the middle of the year, the privacy coin par excellence, Monero (XMR), which, with its price already higher than a dollar, reaches over $2 million. As a result, we find BTC, LTC, DASH, DOGE, VTC and finally XMR in order in this ranking.

 Things change drastically with the entry of Ripple (XRP) which touches the 559 million dollars with a value of about $0.004, already imposing itself in second place in this ranking.

By the end of the year, the situation does not change much and this is the final ranking that could be seen in 2014 in terms of market cap:

  • BTC in first place with over $4 billion;
  • XRP in second place with over $2.4 billion;
  • LTC third place with just under $100 million;
  • DOGE, fourth place with $18 million;
  • DASH, fifth place with just under $10 million;
  • XMR, sixth place with over $2.3 million;
  • VTC last position with about $228,000.


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