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New Samsung devices feature the blockchain thanks to eSports

A blockchain-based eSport video platform will be available on all new Samsung Galaxy S20s sold in the US. 

This was stated in a blog post by Theta.tv, which reveals that its content will soon be integrated into Samsung Daily, pre-installed on all the Korean company’s Galaxy S20 smartphones sold on the US market.

Moreover, Samsung Daily will be updated by including Theta.tv content also in all Galaxy S10 and S9, as well as Note10 and Note9. 

In total, more than 75 million devices will be reached.

Theta.tv is an eSport video platform based on the Theta blockchain and will be one of the few content providers for the Samsung Daily app, along with YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services. 

In particular, the content published by this platform includes live 24/7 events, World Poker Tour tournaments, blockchain conferences such as Consensus and Crypto Asia Summit, etc. 

Samsung Daily, on the other hand, is the app for discovering new content, pre-installed on all the new Samsung Galaxy and Note devices, containing news, videos, games and more. This way users can simply scroll to the main screen to view their favourite content. 

Theta.tv, however, will not only offer video content to users via Samsung Daily, but will also offer an interactive user experience, thanks to live video streaming, and without having to install any other app or open the browser. 

Moreover, it already allows users to chat with other users, send donations to streamers, and earn rewards, thanks to the underlying blockchain. 

Rewards can be earned even just by watching the content offered by the platform, and can then be donated to streamers, and content creators, in a way similar to what happens on Brave, for example. 

These innovative ways of user engagement, and remuneration for creators, are starting to spread more and more, and could establish themselves as a new business model for the online content industry. 

Moreover, the fact that a giant like Samsung has decided to promote this initiative, leads these new platforms into the mainstream immediately, allowing them to reach the mass market practically without further effort. 

The competition on Samsung Daily with highly appealing platforms, such as YouTube for example, will allow to very quickly understand whether this new business model, which also rewards users enjoying content, will be able to compete with the traditional one. 

Co-founder and CEO of Theta Labs, Mitch Liu, said: 

“Theta has been collaborating with various Samsung groups for the last two years after Samsung NEXT invested in the company in 2017. We’re excited to continue growing our relationship with Samsung by launching THETA.tv powered by our blockchain technology and TFUEL rewards to millions of Samsung mobile users. We believe this commercial product launch is a critical inflection point in the adoption of the Theta Network globally. Our groundbreaking approach to streaming is a perfect fit for Samsung’s worldwide user base. It’s a huge step toward our goal of making Theta a global infrastructure for video content and data delivery”.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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