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New Bitcoin.com CEO unveiled

According to the rumours of the last few hours, the new CEO of Bitcoin.com is Dennis Jarvis.

In the past, Jarvis has worked in companies such as Apple and Rakuten, where he held the position of CPO. 

This means that Jarvis would take over the position assigned to Mate Tokay, the temporary replacement of Stefan Rust, who left this position in early April this year.

These were the words of Roger Ver when he announced the farewell of Mate as CEO:

“Mate is stepping down as CEO effective today. I want to personally wish Mate continued success in his next role.”

Roger Ver himself congratulated the previous CEO, who had managed to move from COO to CEO in recent years.

We are obviously talking about an important change in the top management of the company.

Now all that’s left to do is to see what the new CEO is capable of doing and find out about future projects as well as those that are already in the pipeline for Bitcoin.com.

One of the goals is to expand the influence of the Bitcoin Cash project and blockchain, as well as its use in various areas thanks to the SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) tokens that are second only to the Ethereum blockchain for the number of tokens.

Moreover, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has recently faced its first halving and last week it updated its protocol by introducing improvements.


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