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Crypto market cap in 2015

This article continues the journey back in time to the previous crypto market cap data. Today we are travelling to 2015 towards a crypto sector that has yet to see the birth of many of today’s leading projects. 

We take as reference the data coming from Coinmetrics and here is the resulting graph: 

market cap 2015

At the beginning of 2015, there were no particular movements and until March the market was quite stable for all cryptocurrencies. In April, Nem (XEM) appeared, which positioned itself with more than $2 million of capitalization in relation to its value of $0.0002 and was able to overtake Vertcoin (VTC) immediately. 

A new crypto did not affect the market, but instead a movement occurred in mid-2015 when VTC began to climb vertiginously, overtaking both XEM and Monero and thus placing sixth in this ranking in terms of market cap.

The VTC moment sets with the summer sun and the dawn begins for the blockchain that will change the future in this sector: we are talking about Ethereum (ETH), which immediately takes off with 86 million dollars of capitalization and a price just under $3, placing fourth behind Litecoin (LTC).

On Halloween, Stellar Lumens (XLM) appeared with $192 million capitalization and a price of $ 0.002.

What affects its case is mainly the billionaire supply, which was enough to reach the third position behind Ripple (XRP). 

At this point, a new era has begun for crypto and blockchain and at the end of the year, this was the ranking:

  • BTC in first place: compared to the previous year it grew to $6.4 billion;
  • XRP second place: from over $2 billion it went to no more than $600 million;
  • XLM in third place with $178 million;
  • LTC, fourth place with $152 million;
  • ETH, fifth place with $72 million;
  • Dash, sixth place with $20 million;
  • Doge, who moves to seventh place with its $13 million;
  • XEM closes the year with $1.3 million;
  • VTC doubled from last year to over $420,000.


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