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Bitcoin Superstar: opportunity or scam?

Bitcoin Superstar is an App that, as can be read on the official website, suggests that those who use it can become the next millionaire because Bitcoin is making many people rich. 

Bitcoin Superstar claims to be reserved exclusively for those who take advantage of the crazy returns offered by Bitcoin and who are accumulating a fortune in doing so, while the members of the group make money every month with their laptop and a few minutes of daily “work”. 

As indicated in the introduction, Bitcoin Superstar promises earnings with bitcoin, without warning about the inevitable risks of investing in such volatile assets. The fact that it omits these statements is certainly intentional and serves to hide the fact that the promises it makes are not real.

A first obvious lie on the website is that certain authoritative sources, such as CNN, the Financial Times, or Forbes, have talked about it, but this is not true. The links to these hypothetical articles are not there, simply because these articles do not exist, and have never existed. 

Another lie is that the accuracy of Bitcoin Superstar would be 99.4%, but since there is no evidence to support this, it is actually untrue. 

To reinforce the concept, they write: 

“This is why our members around the world rely on us to double and quadruple their hard-earned money”.

This is also just a lie. 

The most obvious lie, however, is that the Bitcoin Superstar app was ranked number 1 in the trading software category by the US Trading Association. The truth is that the US Trading Association simply doesn’t exist. 

But the most effective lie is probably the one according to which the profits that can be expected from Bitcoin Superstar are typically at least $1,100 per day. This figure is totally false and invented, and absolutely impossible with a small investment. 

By promising stratospheric gains, and demanding a minimum initial investment of at least $250, Bitcoin Superstar is in fact a scam based on lies. 

Furthermore, it should be noted that in order to promise investment returns to the retail public, the prospectus must be approved by the Financial Markets Supervisory Authority, and Bitcoin Superstar does not have this authorization. This means that it is operating illegally. 

At this point, it is even questionable whether this software really exists. It could also simply be a website that collects money by scamming the unfortunate users and showing them artificially generated numbers to give them the illusion of profit, thereby convincing them to “invest” more and more money, with the sole purpose of stealing it from them with lies. 

Unfortunately, there are dozens of similar scams online, and they all have in common the promise of huge profits, obtainable quickly, effortlessly, and with minimal investment. 

Every time someone promises significant gains with cryptocurrencies, without being aware of the inevitable risks involved, they are lying, and if they are asking for money, it almost certainly means that it is a fraud attempt. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
Born in 1975, Marco has been the first to talk about Bitcoin on YouTube in Italy. He founded ilBitcoin.news and the Facebook group" Bitcoin Italia (open and without scam) ".