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Adam Back versus TRON and Justin Sun

A storm of negative messages on Twitter originated from Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, regarding the use of TRON and other blockchains.

The thing is that, since Back is a Bitcoin Core maximalist, he believes that the only blockchain that is meaningful to use is that of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin maximalists

In his tweets, Back compares the debate on Bitcoin to the events that led to the fall of the Roman Empire by explaining that when the city burned, history did not care which side was wrong or right. 

Blockstream’s CEO thus reiterates, for the umpteenth time after hundreds of other tweets and statements made in the past, that he thinks the only sensible thing to do is to buy and hold bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin a store of value?

This last statement has aroused many doubts in the community about the very function of the asset since in theory, as written on Bitcoin’s whitepaper by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto, BTC was not meant to be held and thus as a store of value but to be used to overcome censorship, limits, blockages and any other impediment of economic and non-economic nature.

Bitcoin has clearly evolved from its whitepaper and has taken the characteristics that the community wanted to give it. It’s definitely curious that he defends the “original bitcoin” so strongly when in reality it’s not the version conceived by Nakamoto.

Apart from that, Back doesn’t miss the chance to express himself about the TRON (TRX) blockchain either, and compares it to a shitcoin.

Heavy accusations were made against the blockchain and indirectly against the CEO Justin Sun, who has not yet responded to the criticism. 

Back vs TRON: what about Liquid?

This move by Back is very unusual considering that some time ago he almost suggested that he preferred TRON to Ethereum and that to outcompete Vitalik he could have almost teamed up with Sun.

Incidentally, it seems that TRON will be supported by Liquid Network, a project led by Blockstream.


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