Blockchain Tokenization: a growing trend in the crypto space
Blockchain Tokenization: a growing trend in the crypto space

Blockchain Tokenization: a growing trend in the crypto space

By Contest Writer - 2 Jun 2020

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Tokenization is now a widely used term in blockchain and it will soon be increasingly popular.

Cities, individuals, companies, institutions and many other social actors will soon be able to capitalize large amounts of money at zero expense, but only those who will be faster in understanding it will get the most profit.

Consider, for example, a city like New York City, which is explosive, overpopulated and has hundreds of thousands of services available. Can you imagine what zero-cost benefits could be made available? 

Access to areas and municipal buildings closed to the public, participation in events with prominent personalities, priority on transport, access to preferential lanes, VIP subway cars, reserved seats in places of entertainment, visibility; everything you can think of could be useful to justify the purchase for $20,000 of one of the 50,000 NYC tokens that the city will put up for sale.

Why buy them? Because the buyer will be provided with a series of privileges useful to his or her daily life and social rise, as well as a solid investment. As long as the owner of the token lives in NYC, he or she can take advantage of the privileges and then resell it for a potentially higher price a few years later.

In the meantime, the city will have raised $1 billion (or almost) at zero expense. Selling and buying tokens is easy, fast and free of collateral costs. It only requires an account and an exchange that in a few years everyone will use.

Blockchain tokenization in a few examples

Imagine instead a company like Yves Saint Laurent, which to its token could associate priority in purchasing, access to exclusive venues and events, a special table in a restaurant in Marrakech, reserved product lines, etc… a YSL token could mean, beyond the created capital, advertising, loyalty, interaction and could be seen as a channel for the career of those who want to work with the famous fashion house, through access to fashion shows, for example. 

With the sale of the tokens, a new type of stake will become available without the company or institution being compromised, thanks of course to the use of the blockchain.

Who hasn’t dreamed of being part of an exclusive group or a prestigious company? 

Unfortunately buying shares in Ferrari has a thousand complications and gives no privilege. The most exciting thing is that a token can be associated with anything, even a person. One day perhaps, we will be able to buy, sell and earn tokens associated with movie stars or influencers, for example.

Imagine what possibilities could be created if a football player used tokenization. The keyword is always innovation. The first ones who will start an effective sale of tokens, with interesting privileges associated with them, will be those who will get the most out of them in image, advertising and revenue. It will be the task of the purchasers to grab the tokens that will become the most sought-after and whose value will increase the most.

Marco Venturi


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