Top 10 crypto performances of May 2020
Top 10 crypto performances of May 2020

Top 10 crypto performances of May 2020

By Alfredo de Candia - 3 Jun 2020

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During the month of May 2020, a number of crypto assets made a name for themselves with their performances. Here are the best of the whole month.

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As can be seen from this list, there is no Bitcoin, even though it closed positively the month of May, nor any other crypto with major capitalization: the top 10 positions are occupied by unknown tokens, but which recorded even 4-digit increases during the month of May.

In the last position of the ranking in terms of the top crypto performance of the month there is the DeFi (DEFI) token, which recorded an increase of 773%. Its ATH (All Time High) occurred on May 12th and the token is now traded at 0.70 cents.

CryptoBossCoin (CBC), at position 9, has instead performed with a nice 859%, while at position 8 there is Carboncoin (CARBON) with an 881%.

At position 7 there is Fox Trading (FOXT) which, with its 917%, has recorded a significant increase in the last month, and the token is now traded for $0.02.

In the sixth position, GramGold Coin (GGC) stands out with 962% and is now worth $382, probably due to its limited supply of just over 11,000 tokens.

From position 5, performances exceed 1000%, starting with Mocrow (MCW) which scores 1017% with a price of just $0.004, a value that pales in comparison to 11 months ago when it touched $1.20. A similar thing applies to ChronoCoin (CRN) which reaches 1175%, though with a value of only $0.002.

In third position there is Obits, which scores 1475% with a price of $0.03, though it does not reach the second position where there is Agrolot (AGLT).

On the highest position of the podium there is Davies (DVS), which literally skyrocketed in May 2020 marking a 3690%. The token is traded at $0.15 but that is far from its record of end 2019 with over $1.50.

Clearly, as mentioned, these are quite unknown projects and perhaps for this reason have been subject to strong pump & dumps. In any case, it is interesting to note that they represent the best performances of the past month.

Alfredo de Candia

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