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DeversiFi integrates StarkWare and becomes 2.0

The decentralized exchange DeversiFi announced the integration with StarkWar.

Thus was born DeversiFi 2.0, a DEX capable of handling over 9,000 transactions per second, with a high level of privacy, low cost and deep liquidity. 

This integration allows the new version of the DEX to incorporate the second level zkSTARK technology, which allows scaling up performance and obtaining high-speed trading as well as the instant settlement of trades.

DeversiFi is the first crypto exchange to integrate this scaling technology which, in addition to providing higher speed and lower fees, also allows for a higher level of privacy and aggregated liquidity. 

For example, Loopring has chosen SNARK as its second level scaling technology, while IDEX is working on another solution. 

Second-level DEXs remain the new frontier of the crypto industry in order to bring mass adoption to decentralized finance.

In particular, the new features introduced in DeversiFi 2.0 by zkSTARKs are aimed at traders looking to take advantage when they trade with popular tokens and sustained trading volumes, without compromising speed, security or liquidity.

DeversiFi’s co-founder and CEO, Will Harborne, said: 

“This StarkWare integration will transform the functionality of DeversiFi 2.0. The solutions born out will address the key issue of scalability – but without the usual traditional sacrifices of liquidity, speed, settlement and fees”.

StarkWare’s co-founder and president, Eli Ben Sasson, commented: 

“Commercial grade Defi needs robust cryptography and zkSTARKs are fastest in class, post-quantum safe and can easily scale to tens of thousands of transactions per second with no trusted setup. Partnering with DeversiFi will bring the benefits of ZK-STARK technology into the hands of every trader. We are excited to see traders embracing self-custodial trading without sacrificing liquidity or speed”.

The scalability of DEXs like DeversiFi

The problem of scalability and reduced trading performance has always been one of the biggest drawbacks of decentralized exchanges, along with liquidity. 

Second level solutions provide a solution to the first problem and can also help address the second. 

While on the one hand, they allow for large volumes of transactions, fast and at very low cost, without having to rely on a centralized infrastructure, on the other hand, they could also facilitate the aggregation of liquidity in order to provide DEX users with a large number of potential counterparties to trade with. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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