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EOS: the launch date of Voice has been announced

Through a message on the same EOS-based, decentralized social network, CEO Salah Michael Zalatimo announced the global launch date of Voice. The date is July 4th.

Censorship on social networks

The post of the CEO is not specifically about the official launch date of Voice, but concerns the various social networks such as Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook with regard to the moderation of content on platforms that must take place to eliminate illegal content such as criminal, violent or abusive content, paedophilia, invasion of privacy and content that promotes hatred.

Unfortunately in some cases, it is not always possible to determine the boundaries of certain posts and phrases and often an external judgment must be applied to determine whether or not to remove content. 

Thus the CEO opens the question to readers, asking who should be in charge of evaluating the posts, whether a judge, the top management of the company, the government or a pool of experts.

Trump and the events of Twitter

 The post begins with what has been happening in recent days with the tweets of the President of the United States concerning the events that led to the murder of a young African American by a policeman. Following the incident and the protests, Trump had written tweets that were accused of incitement to violence. 

Twitter reported the posts as harmful, while the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, took note of the reprehensible behaviour of the President but preferred not to intervene directly on the matter, demonstrating an overly soft line towards this type of situation. 

The President has immediately issued an executive order to limit the censorship of social networks, with the intention of limiting their power, given that they are the only ones who can assess the quality of posts: we are talking about companies and centralized tools.

The need for a decentralized social network

 Following these events, the CEO of Voice explained how necessary it is to create decentralized platforms with a degree of source reliability.

These are the two cornerstones of Voice and that’s why to access it, it will be necessary to complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure to be sure who publishes the various posts.

In addition, a warning system has also been provided to warn of unauthorized posts, which inevitably leads to ban from the platform. 

The solution proposed by Voice is to leave the decision and the evaluation of the posts to the users, who can vote and report the posts, allowing the platform to self-regulate.

The tokens of Voice

The Voice platform provides a rewards system, allowing to receive tokens as a result of the activities performed, and since these tokens will also have a value in the real world, it is like funding the best posts, allowing content creators to earn something. 

The Voice social network was launched last February in beta version but only for American users.

This message from Zalatimo now formalizes the launch date for the rest of the world scheduled for July 4th, in conjunction with the Independence of the United States, which took place on July 4th, 1776.


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