IOST creates a new medical platform
IOST creates a new medical platform

IOST creates a new medical platform

By Alfredo de Candia - 8 Jun 2020

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IOST has announced a new partnership with a Japanese university to spread its blockchain and allow it to be used by a new medical platform.  

As can be read from the press release, this partnership was made possible by the Japanese Medical Health Tech Venture Pracs to develop a medical platform based on the IOST blockchain in order to record clinical information in an immutable and transparent way. 

The data speaks for itself and shows that expenses for data management facilities and platforms will exceed 1.6 billion by 2025 and the blockchain lends itself well in this area because there is a need to record millions of patient data and at the same time have the ability to access it anywhere and fast. 

IOST is in the front line in spreading this technology and is also active in several projects such as the recent one related to NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) precisely to promote the creation of this type of token on its blockchain; IOST has also recently embarked in the gaming sector

As for the Japanese Pracs, this association was born in 2017 by a few entrepreneurial students supported by the Japanese Kinki University and has specialized in software development and precisely in the commercialization of very detailed reports on various diseases (FAP PASSPORT) and the use of family trees for medical use. 

CEO Hirotoshi Sakanoue commented: 

“I have a congenital illness called microtia in my left ear, and for this treatment, I have been hospitalized and visited many times, including three times of general anesthesia surgery. I am now able to hear, though slightly, due to the artificial eardrum. From my personal experience, I become passionate to give something back to the medical field.

At university, we decided to research and develop a new genetic medicine information platform where medical institutions, doctors, nurses, counsellors promote information sharing between patients and families in order to support decision making in treatment. We aim to reduce the psychological burden on the patients.” 

The FAP PASSPORT will use the IOST blockchain to record this data, creating a dedicated medical platform that can properly manage private data and guarantee greater user security. 

As said, the IOST team is very happy with this collaboration and with a young and international team like the Japanese one, the possibilities to pursue the IOST motto “innovation chain, application chain, value chain” increase.

Other blockchain-based medical platforms

However, this is not the first healthcare project involving blockchain technology.

A London-based company, Medicalchain, is doing similar work on Ethereum, as is a private clinic in Saint Moritz.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia

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